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Marijuana Clones

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Clones, Clones, Clones!

Buy Marijuana Clones in Tucson, AZ

Many members have MMJ grow cards and have been growing for years.  Members can get clones from other members at no charge,  just by trading strains. We currently have a large quantity we can access, 6 at a time.  Why wait for dispensaries???

We have seeds available in small quantities. We hope to have a large clone bank available to our members.  Over a period of time, we should have hundreds of clones you could trade for. Those clones would be stored in members’ homes that do not wish to grow themselves but want to help others.

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These plants were cloned (cut, dipped in rapid rooter,  and put in aquaponics root starter) on March 1st, 2021.      They are currently about 6 weeks old. I have been using General Hydroponics Nutrients with them. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil.

  • Amour Si
  • CalMag
  • Flora Micro
  • Flora Bloom
  • Flora Grow
  • Diamond Nectar
  • Flora Blend

These nutrients should be feed to them whenever the plant pot feels light or the leaves get droopy. These plants should be kept in 18-24 hours a day light for best growth.

These plants are ready to be re-potted into a larger pot, 5 gallons would be recommended for best growth. The best temperatures during Vegetation state are 75-85. Humidity should be 65-75% during this stage.

They can be put into flowers depending on the area you have to Flower in. They will double their height during the first four weeks of flower. In flower, the humidity should be 40-50% to prevent problems.  I keep them at 75% during light and 68-70 during darkness. Plants do not feed or grow much during darkness.

I would expect 4 – 6oz per plant at harvest if feed and nurtured well. These plants come from a tried and tested line and produce well when taken care of well.