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Marijuana Growing Starter Kit

AZ420: Everything You Need to Grow Cannabis

AZ420 Marijuana Growing Starter Kit

AZ420 Recreational encourages you to experiment with alternative growing methods. Here is one example:

  1. “Deep Water” starter kit. All you need is some nutrients and a clone or seed. For lessons or help with your grow, sign up with AZ420 Recreational as a member for help growing, access to our weekly classes, access to our YouTube and BitChute channels, free downloads of the educational materials.

Deep Water, or Deep Water Culture, refers to plants in pots or net cups and suspended above a reservoir. The roots, meanwhile, are completely submerged in the aerated nutrient-rich water solution.

There are three things to think about when setting up a deep water culture system – water, oxygen, and nutrients. As for the materials needed, some could already be available in the house. Call AZ420 Recreational for more information or sign up as a member to receive e-mail alerts about upcoming 200- and 300-level courses at The AZ420 College on this and other water-based growing method classes.

Materials and Methods for Deep Water Culture Cultivation


  1. Water reservoir
  2. Net pots (pots with holes)
  3. Air pump and airstones
  4. Meters (pH, TDS, etc.)
  5. Nutrient Solution


  1. Fill a bucket with filtered water so part of the net pot is in the water, about halfway up.
  2. Hook hose to air stone and place air stone on bottom of bucket with hose attached.
  3. Plug in pump and attach-make sure you are getting a good amount of bubbles. Run the hose through net pot.
  4. Place net pot on top and snap down
  5. Take washed coral (clay rocks) and fill to about ¾ full.
  6. Insert your clone so the water covers roots
  7. Place under 400 watt full-spectrum light, or LED

Watch plant grow and check your settings daily.


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The most commonly asked questions for new growers and users:

What do I need to grow Dispensary Quality Weed?

As a member of AZ420 Recreational, you can get personalized answers to all your growing questions. Legal recreational marijuana can be grown by anyone, anywhere, any time.

Purchase your growing equipment from us if you are a member and receive discounts and training. You can also join The AZ420 College without purchasing equipment for a yearly membership fee. The membership gives you access to all of our in-person classes and on-line training videos.

Our courses will teach you all you need to know to grow, FROM START TO FINISH! We will provide the VERY best cultivation equipment you can buy at affordable prices.

We have educational materials available written by experienced teachers to help you. If you decide you want to start a garden, we can have you well on your way to a bodacious harvest in just a week or so.

It takes most people 90-120 days from starting the seed to harvesting the flowers. We will teach you how to design a garden room even in the smallest area!